XEROX 5855-5845


SPEED B/W 55 Pages Per Minute
RESOLUTION 600 X 600 dpi
PAPER CAPACITY Single 2,000 Sheet Paper DrawerSingle 1,600 Sheet Paper DrawerDual 500 Sheet Paper Drawer
VOLUME 259200 Copies Per Month
TONER IMPRESSIONS B/W 38,000 Impressions
COPIER TYPE Office Copier
COLOR CAPABILITY Black and White Copier
PROPERTIES Copier-Printer-Scan-fax


The Xerox 5855-45 photocopier is a high-performing multifunctional office machine designed to meet the document management needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Some of the key features of the Xerox 5855-45 photocopier include:

  1. Copying: The Xerox 5855-45 can produce high-quality copies of both black and white and color documents. It offers a range of copy settings, including zoom, duplex (double-sided) printing, and multiple copy modes.
  2. Printing: The Xerox 5855-45 can function as a printer, allowing users to print high-quality documents directly from their computer or mobile device. It supports a range of printing formats and offers a fast printing speed.
  3. Scanning: With its built-in scanner, the Xerox 5855-45 can easily scan and digitize paper documents, making it easy to store, share, and edit them electronically. It supports both color and black and white scanning and offers a range of scan settings, including resolution and file format.
  4. Faxing: The Xerox 5855-45 includes a fax machine, allowing users to send and receive faxes directly from the device. It supports a range of fax settings, including resolution and transmission speed.
  5. Security: The Xerox 5855-45 includes a range of security features to help protect sensitive documents and data. These include password protection, user authentication, and secure printing.
  6. Paper handling: The Xerox 5855-45 can handle a range of paper sizes and weights, including standard letter and legal-sized paper, as well as envelopes, labels, and card stock. It also includes a variety of paper handling options, such as automatic duplexing and automatic document feeding.
  7. Advanced features: The Xerox 5855-45 includes a number of advanced features, such as electronic sorting, image rotation, and watermarking. It also offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use.

Overall, the Xerox 5855-45 photocopier is a versatile and efficient office machine that can help businesses and organizations streamline their document management processes and improve productivity.